Friday, 25 July 2014

My New Goals

In reading my new goal is to consistently read for meaning. So my WALT is consistently read for meaning I will have a lesson on it soon.

In writing my new goal is to write a narrative or WALT is write a narrative mine will be a made up fairy tale for kids of our age today.

My leadership goal is to get a gold badge. To get a gold badge I need to do all my must dos and 4-6 can dos. My can dos are choir, peer mediation, librarian and I still need to do PAL's.

The End

Thursday, 3 July 2014

My Mihi

Check out this video on YouTube:

My Mihi

By Cassidy

Term Reflection.

My reading goal for the term was find select and retrieve information. (Skim and scan)

I did well at skimming to find information quickly. I read an article about the youngest girl to conquer Mt Everest. I had to answer 5 questions about the article. I used skimming to get my information I will give an example of 2 of them.

1. Why was Malavath's climb so special? A. Her climb was special because she is the youngest female to conquer Mt Everest.

2. What happened when Malavath reached the advanced base camp? A. She got sick and had to go to base camp.

My next step is to consistently read for meaning.

My writing goal for this term is write an explanation.

I have an explanation on my blog go see it.

My next step is to paragraph my writing.

My Maths Goal this term was convert mm,cm,m and km here is some proof.

2km is 2000m
20cm is 200mm
25mm is 2.5m

My next step is to convert kg and gms.