Friday, 5 December 2014

Reflection On My Term 4 Goals

I ended up finishing my homework challenges and I'm proud of it because I have a chance of getting a leadership role and I get a medal. You get a silver medal in year 7 and a gold one in year 8. I learnt my 12 times table by learning to just do 10x that number then 2x the number and then plus them together. I got all "very good" in my technology report we have 1 week left and we are programming robots to do sumo tori, soccer and races. Overall I think I did well achieving all my goals.

Friday, 7 November 2014


On Monday I was on librarian I was on desk with Emma our job on desk is to issue and return books for children. After that's done we pack up the library and ask people to leave because the library is closing. The library closes at 1:20 so people can go outside and play for 10 minutes.


Last week at choir we ran through our old songs, Bad Day and You Gotta Do Right before we went onto our latest song Money,Money,Money. I didn't need the song sheet because I had practiced at home while the production was on. This week I will put in my best effort.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Jubilee Writing

Oaklands School had their 50th Jubilee on Labour weekend this year. I'm in Year 7.  In 50 years time when they have their 100th Jubilee I will be 62. In 50 years I think these changes would have happened at Oaklands School...
I think there would be more electronics and less books because there are more mobile applications that help our learning. I think that there might be no white board markers because of touchable white boards and also tables. There won't be things like Self Directed Learning, instead more gadget work and subjects like science. I assume there would be a not as big field because of more classes, maybe an extended school. There would be more couches and comfy things then chairs. More kids in classes, I estimate around 40-45 kids and maybe extended classrooms. I think there would be shorter break times and you would be able to take your device outside with you. I think the playgrounds will be taken down and rebuilt smaller because of kids not really playing on them appropriately especially seniors, not really the younger kids. I think kids will get harder work because of people wanting their kids being very good at things. I hope some of these things happened, can't wait to see you at the 100th Year Jubilee.

Thursday, 23 October 2014


I learnt a poetic language of Anthropomorphism which is giving human traits to an animal. For example
~ The bird nodded his head to the beat of the song.
~ The cow ran from the big prowling lion.
~ The sheep pranced around the scorching hot paddock.

There is also another language feature similar to this which is personification. That mean giving an object a human trait.

Monday, 13 October 2014

My Goals For Term 4

Academic goal: is to learn some of my 12 times tables because I want to learn all of my 1-12 times tables.

Social/Behavioural: is to finish all of my homework challenges because I have already done 9 and I need to do 3 more so I don't want to stop after 3 terms of doing them.

Respect: is to really respect my teacher at technology because I want my report to have all 3 ticks at the "very good"column.

Friday, 26 September 2014


WALT:Read for meaning.

I have learnt how to argue for or against a tomato festival here it is:
I argue against the tomato festival because it's messy and it causes injuries. Also it wastes the food because people in country's like Africa, people are starving and they could have eaten the tomatoes.

I have also read an article about the trenches that the men dug in WW1 here is what I came up with for what they were used for before I read the article:
*Its a way to hide from the enemy.
*Its dark
*Its not that safe.
*Its dusty

This is what I learnt about the trenches:
*No mans land was a space in between enemy trenches.
*People would die from being shelled

This is my opinion of why they went underground:
They would have built underground to stay safe and bomb the enemy's trenches. They would have built underground to suprise the enemy when they come in by shooting them.

My Next Step is to add more detail into my answers.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Little Shops Are A Bad Idea.

WALT: Write a persuasive argument.

Little shops, your kids love them, so adorable. Or are they? Do you know that the little shops you buy can be dangerous?

Little shops, so cute how can they harm anyone?, well they can. Imagine coming into the room seeing your child choking on one of these "Little Shops" I'm sure you'll be upset. These cute mini groceries can be a. Choking hazard for small children. Your child can choke on almost all the figures. If I were you I would watch my children play with them.

Little shops are 1 per $40 imagine that money going down the drain when your kid breaks the boxes. By either crushing them, chewing them or opening them thinking there will be a small treat inside. Your child will surely be upset. Did you know parents can get very angry when their kids break them?

There are good things about little shops. They teach your kids to do shopping. They are also very cute and very fun to play with.

Did you know that parents are selling the little shops online for as low as $100 a set?! I know it sounds like a lot, but it's not. With no double ups a full set would cost exactly $2,000!! So New World is getting ripped off by these people. Luckily this round of little shops, New World said: NO SELLING!!! New World did make a swapping site though.

New World has just had a weekend where you get 2 every $40 instead of 1 per $40, so New World does have some special discounts!

Overall little shops are a very cute promotional item. Although, they are cute, they are quite dangerous and they're just a downright bad idea and a waste of money! And wouldn't it be good if there was a little sample inside?!

The SOLO level I reached for my surface features is Extended Abstract because I can use them correctly and explain to the reader why they are there.

The SOLO level I reached for my speech is Relational because I can give reasons to support the claim and I can explain why they are relevant to the claim.

My Next Step is to get to extended abstract on my speech by providing evidence for the reader.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Friday, 22 August 2014

Odd Things On BearBook

WALT: write a narrative.

BearBook,BearBook,BearBook that's all I hear. My heart pumps as fast as a Cheetah. I walk out the dark foggy shadows only to see my BearFF's Emma and Ella. "What's up"
Bring Bring "Oh no I need to go"

In seconds she was running down the road to her bamboo hut, to play chess with her grandparents.

At home after 7.14 games of chess she was sooooo BORED she stole her BearPad off the top of the fridge.

She rushed to her room and sat on her brother's BearBamboobunkbed. She went on Boogle and looked up 'BearBook'. She signed up on BearBook as Bamboo_Life_4_3ver. Meanwhile Joe the Koala aka Koala_Joe_Awesome_GumTreeLeaves had planned to play shuffle-leaves with his BearMum and BearDad.

He played for a while but then he went on BearBook. Soon enough Joe was talking to a panda win the username of Bamboo_Life_4_3ver. Amy was overjoyed that she found a different type of bear to talk to.

Amy went to the lounge and told her mum and dad, they told her to be careful on the Bearnet and talking to someone that you don't know. Amy took no notice of what her mum and dad were saying because she was so excited! She was frolicking back to her room to get back on the web.

Joe was talking to Amy saying he is 12 but he is 23. Amy was happy she found someone her age .

Later that Day Amy asked Joe if he wanted to play on the Bamboo Gym at school. Joe was hesitating and quickly change the subject.
"What are you having for tea" Joe said quickly.
"Bamboozled Bamboo" Amy said in a questioning tone."Any way back to the Bamboo Gym" Amy said.
"I can't, I asked my mum sorry"Joe sobbed.
"Oh ok" Amy said upset.

The next day she rushed home from school to get on BearBook. When she logged on she saw a lot of mean messages form Joe. She asked him what was wrong."You are stupid I hate you" Joe said angrily. Amy was very upset and decided to tell her mum and dad. " mum, dad"Amy said on the edge of crying.
" What's wrong" mum and dad say.
"I'm being bullied by Joe"
"Oh poor you we did warn you though"
"I know I wasn't listening i'm sorry"
"Oh it's ok, why don't we look at this 'Joe' then" " Oh sweetie I feel sorry for you. We will report him."
"Ok" Amy said snivelling.
"We will make your account private as well."
"All right" Amy said still snivelling." I won't talk to anyone but my friends now"

Amy ended up just talking to her friends and Joe got in trouble with his parents.

The SOLO level I have reached for surface features is extended abstract because I can use my
punctuation correctly and I know why I have it there also I can explain to the reader about why it's there

The SOLO level I have reached for my narrative is extended abstract because I have included a moral and not just written the moral down but explain it in detail. I can explain to the reader what the effect of the moral is.

My Next Step is to add some more detail into the body of my story and to make my introductions more interesting for the reader.

Friday, 15 August 2014


In drama I have learnt to stay in character no matter what. Even if someone is distracting you, you should stay in character. We did an exercise where we got picked to do a scene. You would do the scene and Miss O would say freeze and we would freeze, she would pick people to move you then Miss O would say unfreeze. No matter what we had to stay in character and carry on doing what you were meant to be doing. For example if you were a supermarket checkout operator and someone moved you to being a ballerina you would have to carry on being a supermarket checkout operator.

Friday, 1 August 2014


Introducing my job at the Libray.

On Monday I did librarian. Every second week I do librarian in our school library. This week I was on desk and putting books away. When we are on desk we have to help people who want to return and issue books. When we put books away we need to look on the spine if it's a novel and if it's a picture book we have to look on the front for the letter and put it in the correct letter. We also read books to little kids and pull staples from the wall. When it's 1:20 we tell people that the library is closed and we make sure everything was the way it was before lunch. Something I learnt is that little kids are only allowed 1 book at a time.

Friday, 25 July 2014

My New Goals

In reading my new goal is to consistently read for meaning. So my WALT is consistently read for meaning I will have a lesson on it soon.

In writing my new goal is to write a narrative or WALT is write a narrative mine will be a made up fairy tale for kids of our age today.

My leadership goal is to get a gold badge. To get a gold badge I need to do all my must dos and 4-6 can dos. My can dos are choir, peer mediation, librarian and I still need to do PAL's.

The End

Thursday, 3 July 2014

My Mihi

Check out this video on YouTube:

My Mihi

By Cassidy

Term Reflection.

My reading goal for the term was find select and retrieve information. (Skim and scan)

I did well at skimming to find information quickly. I read an article about the youngest girl to conquer Mt Everest. I had to answer 5 questions about the article. I used skimming to get my information I will give an example of 2 of them.

1. Why was Malavath's climb so special? A. Her climb was special because she is the youngest female to conquer Mt Everest.

2. What happened when Malavath reached the advanced base camp? A. She got sick and had to go to base camp.

My next step is to consistently read for meaning.

My writing goal for this term is write an explanation.

I have an explanation on my blog go see it.

My next step is to paragraph my writing.

My Maths Goal this term was convert mm,cm,m and km here is some proof.

2km is 2000m
20cm is 200mm
25mm is 2.5m

My next step is to convert kg and gms.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

My Maths.

WALT: convert mm, cm, m and kms.

I have learnt that there are 
10mm in every cm
100cm in every m
1000m in every km

I will show you how I can solve some converting problems.
We did warm up tasks and this is my one.


My next step is to convert grams to kgs and kgs to tons. Also to convert ml to litres.

My Explanation.

WALT:Write an explanation.

Ergo baby is a company that has been effected by someone breaking the Consumer Guarentees Act. The Consumer Guarentees Act is very important to businesses and consumers across New Zealand. The Consumer Guarentees Act is a law for consumers and retailers so we don't get ripped off or lied to. It's there to protect us when making purchases. I will talk to you about one example of a fake company breaking the Consumer Guarentees Act and how it has effected the business and the consumers.

The company Ergobaby is a very popular company in America sadly, a group of people made a fake unauthorised website and sold fake Ergobaby carriers. One of the Consumer Guarentees Act rights broken is that consumers have the right to expect that the goods(product) that they buy are of an acceptable quality. That means that it needs to be safe for it's use. The effect it has on the consumer is that if she put her baby in it, it may fall out and could die.

Next I will talk about another right that was broken. One of the other rights broken is this one: consumers have the right to expect that goods are fit for pourpose. That means that if I have a dryer I have the right to expect that it will dry my clothes and if I get a baby carrier it should safely hold my baby. This right was broken because if you put pressure on the bukle it could undo and your baby could fall out. The effect it has on the real business is they could lose money and customers.

Consumers are very upset because they can't address this next broken right: consumers have the right to redress the problem. That means to go and have the problem put right. The effect it has on the consumer is that she can't exchange it for a real one or get a refund because it's a fake company.

One of the other rights broken was consumers have the right not to be tricked or lied to. That is there so we don't get ripped off but everyone who bought the fake product has been lied to by the company.    The effect is that the consumer has lost $140.

Overall, the consumers have lost lots of money because the baby carrier is useless. It's unsafe because the buckle can easily come undone if you put pressure on it. Many of the Consumer Guarentees Act right were broken because of this being unsafe.

The SOLO level I think I achieved is Extended Abstract because I used topic specific words and hi-lighted them and seeked feedback on them.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

National Donut Day.

W.A.L.T: Find select and retrieve information.(skimming and scanning.)

We read an article about National Donut Day and we had to answer some questions.

How did NDD come out: In WW1 there were woman who toke care of the injured and sick men. The men were miserable and homesick so to cheer them up the woman made a tasty treat out of the only things they had. Flour,sugar and oil.

What does the author suggest if you don't like donuts: If you don't like them you can sell them to your           friends and family or to the local branch of the Salvation Army.

What are some other donut like treats mentioned in the article, what one sounds interesting: Oily Cakes, Lagaymats, Tuinsia's Yo-Yo's and Vadas. The Lagaymats sound interesting because the sound cool.

Next Step: Put the informations into my own words better.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

My Art.

WALT: Draw in perspective.

In perspective drawing I have learnt how to draw smaller when it gets closer to the vanishing point. I also you find the vanishing point at the horizon.

Three things about drawing in perspective are.

1 things need to be drawn smaller to show that they are getting further back.

2 the vanishing point is at the horizon.

3 on mountains the further down it gets the darker it gets.

Here is a picture of my art.

Next Step: make my fences stand up straight.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My Creative Writing

WALT:write freely and try new things.

I chased the animal until I reached a magical land full of unicorns that vomit rainbows and poop butterflies. It was full of lollies and all kinds of syrup. One fat one of the unicorns talked to me it said
" hello my name is Butterscotch."
It asked for a phone I said why it was because it wanted take a selfie with you.
I said ok and we took a selfie together.
Suddenly I turned into a unicorn my name was caramel sparkles. I liked myself and I tasted like caramel sauce. Then I woke up I was so upset. 

Next step:put more detail in my writing. 

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Going To Dream World.

WALT: elaborate our ideas.

" No, I don't want to" I said to my patient Grandma with a croak in my voice.

Wait a minute you don't think I am going to tell you what happened next. Let me take you back to early September 2012.

Good you're here let's begin then. I woke up to a call of "Room Service."

I was so drowsy that I couldn't even keep my eyes open for more then 20 seconds.

Finally, properly woken up I remember about the room service. Yay my Grandparents got me my absolute favourite breakfast ever, bacon and egg omelete, mmm bacon. I had just remembered that we were going to Dream World today, yay. I rushed outside then I forgot i had not done my hair so  I ran back inside to do it.

Later that day at Dream World, with my hair done.

"Wait!" I say to my Grandparents as we looked at the massive queue.

We enter at the back of the line but because ofhow far back I was I could see practically the whole theme park. It was awesome.

After being on many fun filled rides we were finally at the very last ride, the log ride. It looked like it was 1 million miles high.

"No i don't want to ." I say to my patient Grandma with a croak in my  voice.

I finally picked up the nerves to go on it. At first it was pretty nice then as the cart went up the hill I heard it click and clack and snap. My stomach turned and I thought I was going to die. Will it break?

"Ahhhh!" I screamed as the old wooden ride.

Suddenly, my feelings changed and I screamed with joy as we went down the ride that felt like it was going 1 million miles ph. We were soaked .

In the end I had an awesome day I hope Sea World will be this fun.

Next Step: Paragraphing my ideas.

Monday, 19 May 2014

My Reading

WALT: Read for meaning.

We read a text about why Zebras have stripes.
We completed a task of trying to convince people why Zebras have stripes this is what I came up with:

Zebras have stripes to shoo flies away the flies prefer solids over stripes. Stripes don't camouflage Zebras in woodsy areas. Biting flies spread diseases to Zebras and horses so luckily because of the Zebras stripes the bloodthirsty flies will stay away.

Next Step: but more detail in it.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My ANZAC Learning

WALT: learn new things about ANZAC.

Something that I have learnt is that around about 800,000 people died in Gallipoli.
Did you know that the soldiers families made them ANZAC biscuits. They only made them ANZAC biscuits because the ingredients don't spoil easily.
I also learnt that in WW1 everyone who didn't believe in war would get horrible punishments like going to jail or getting tied to a pole.

Next Step: getting on with my other tasks about ANZAC day.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Making Choices Info Report.

WALT:use linking sentences to join our paragraphs. WALT: be specific. WALT:identify what goes in a good information report.

Decisions-we all have to make them but sometimes they aren't to easy. There are many influences that help us make our decisions such as family,friends,law,role models and media.

One of the influences are our friends. They influence me through peer pressure because they might ask you to go somewhere with them. You might have promised to go to your other friends house but the say "they wont care come on" but you don't want to. They are influencing you to go somewhere but can't so you need to make that decision whether to go with your friends or stick with your promise.

Promise; that is a good word to remember when you're family. Family has a big impact on your decisions. Such as when you need to go to a big family outing and then you want to go somewhere else but your family say no. What would you do?

What would you do if your teacher caught you doing something bad? The law is one of the biggest influences in your life. The law influences my by buying underaged stuff like smokes. For example, what if your friends told you to buy cigarettes or alcohol when you are under 18 or 21? what if you go in and they call your parents? It is also bad because you may get sick if you smoke. Did you make the right or wrong choice? Think about it.

Just remember every decision has at least one influence maybe even more like friends,family,law,role models and media. Which choice would you make, would it be the right one?

The End.

Next Step: try to get to level 5 in my writing.

My Reading

WALT:make meaning of text

Wind-The most common wind in NZ is westerlies, the Tasman Sea brings warm air to NZ which is westerlies.

Rain-Streams and rivers take rain water to the sea.

Measuring The Weather-The MetService collets info from hundreds of weather stations across the country.

Next Step:make my sentences bigger and more detailed.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

My Goals

My Goals 3.4.14 My academic goal: is to learn all my 8 times tables. My social goal: is to try work with a range of people. My leadership goal: is to not quit choir.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

My Reading

W.A.L.T To learn my spelling words. One of my spelling words was Ozone-means oxygen with a strong smell. Another one was Bamboozle-to cheat. My next step is to learn some more on the vocabulary list.

Friday, 28 March 2014

My Creative writing

WALT: write creatively.

Thursday 20th March 2014

It was a dark stormy night ... there was bright flash and a huge crash then I saw it. It was an alien in a purple lumpy space ship. It was lumpy space princess from Adventure Time. She has come from lumpy space but she was 101 years old. Suddenly out of no where Fin and Jake came. They were old too and Mordicia and Rigby came too. It was raining and then suddenly it was sunny. The Adventure Time theme song came on and it was so weird.

My next learning step in creative writing: is to get my ideas down faster.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Cassidy's maths
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