Friday, 26 September 2014


WALT:Read for meaning.

I have learnt how to argue for or against a tomato festival here it is:
I argue against the tomato festival because it's messy and it causes injuries. Also it wastes the food because people in country's like Africa, people are starving and they could have eaten the tomatoes.

I have also read an article about the trenches that the men dug in WW1 here is what I came up with for what they were used for before I read the article:
*Its a way to hide from the enemy.
*Its dark
*Its not that safe.
*Its dusty

This is what I learnt about the trenches:
*No mans land was a space in between enemy trenches.
*People would die from being shelled

This is my opinion of why they went underground:
They would have built underground to stay safe and bomb the enemy's trenches. They would have built underground to suprise the enemy when they come in by shooting them.

My Next Step is to add more detail into my answers.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Little Shops Are A Bad Idea.

WALT: Write a persuasive argument.

Little shops, your kids love them, so adorable. Or are they? Do you know that the little shops you buy can be dangerous?

Little shops, so cute how can they harm anyone?, well they can. Imagine coming into the room seeing your child choking on one of these "Little Shops" I'm sure you'll be upset. These cute mini groceries can be a. Choking hazard for small children. Your child can choke on almost all the figures. If I were you I would watch my children play with them.

Little shops are 1 per $40 imagine that money going down the drain when your kid breaks the boxes. By either crushing them, chewing them or opening them thinking there will be a small treat inside. Your child will surely be upset. Did you know parents can get very angry when their kids break them?

There are good things about little shops. They teach your kids to do shopping. They are also very cute and very fun to play with.

Did you know that parents are selling the little shops online for as low as $100 a set?! I know it sounds like a lot, but it's not. With no double ups a full set would cost exactly $2,000!! So New World is getting ripped off by these people. Luckily this round of little shops, New World said: NO SELLING!!! New World did make a swapping site though.

New World has just had a weekend where you get 2 every $40 instead of 1 per $40, so New World does have some special discounts!

Overall little shops are a very cute promotional item. Although, they are cute, they are quite dangerous and they're just a downright bad idea and a waste of money! And wouldn't it be good if there was a little sample inside?!

The SOLO level I reached for my surface features is Extended Abstract because I can use them correctly and explain to the reader why they are there.

The SOLO level I reached for my speech is Relational because I can give reasons to support the claim and I can explain why they are relevant to the claim.

My Next Step is to get to extended abstract on my speech by providing evidence for the reader.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014