Thursday, 28 May 2015

Introduction Of My Explaination.

 The career I have chosen is Cook, I have always had passion for cooking and I find it helps me with my subjects at school: maths, reading and my skill in measuring. Therefor I want to do cooking. As a Cook there are many things you can do such as: prepare, cook, and serve food. You can work in a line of places from cafes and bars to fast food outlets and restaurants. You will also need to do some research in high school first.

My Maths

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My Reading

I have learnt how to understand the detail of the text to support the main idea. Here is a photo of my learning.

My Goals For 2015

My goals are going well I have been collaborating with the year 7s; I have asked them for help when I need it. I also have also been focused more or my maths, reading and writing. I have been getting less self checks I got none last week and 1 this week so far. I have been doing a lot more blog posts and I have done a couple of homework challenges that I need to get checked off. Overall I have been going well with my goals from the start of the year because I have gotten use to the spaces and the people in my class.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


Today at morning tea I gave up my time to run the bake sale. We raised $907.10. I used a disposition called resilience, resilience mean never giving up and trying again. I feel like I used leadership by not getting annoyed when everyone took to long to choose. Someone gave me 20c less then they needed so when they came back in the line i asked for 20c and she gave it to me. I am proud of how I did today.


Last week I ran PALS for the Kari team we did soccer drills and a game. i think it went really well and people were playing by the rules and they were focused. I think I showed leadership by joining in and running it really smoothly. A lot of people joined in and overall it was a great game and it ran very well.

Leadership Technology

On Tuesday I did technology at LHS. On the bus I was good and I only talked to the person next to me. I feel like I was very focused and I got on with my work well.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

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Monday, 4 May 2015


In August the storm screams at our shivering houses.
In August my fluffy blanket is like a sheepskin comforting me.
This winter is somewhat warm.
The shimmering snow shines in the light of the crisp sun.
Cuddling up with my blanket and delicious hot chocolate was nice, but lonely.
The dull, cold air makes winter scarier.
August is strange.

The language features I used were Personification, Simile and Alliteration because they are some of the harder language features to use.
The solo level I am at is Extended Abstract because I can use several language feature correctly and I can identify them in a poem.