Thursday, 26 June 2014

My Maths.

WALT: convert mm, cm, m and kms.

I have learnt that there are 
10mm in every cm
100cm in every m
1000m in every km

I will show you how I can solve some converting problems.
We did warm up tasks and this is my one.


My next step is to convert grams to kgs and kgs to tons. Also to convert ml to litres.

My Explanation.

WALT:Write an explanation.

Ergo baby is a company that has been effected by someone breaking the Consumer Guarentees Act. The Consumer Guarentees Act is very important to businesses and consumers across New Zealand. The Consumer Guarentees Act is a law for consumers and retailers so we don't get ripped off or lied to. It's there to protect us when making purchases. I will talk to you about one example of a fake company breaking the Consumer Guarentees Act and how it has effected the business and the consumers.

The company Ergobaby is a very popular company in America sadly, a group of people made a fake unauthorised website and sold fake Ergobaby carriers. One of the Consumer Guarentees Act rights broken is that consumers have the right to expect that the goods(product) that they buy are of an acceptable quality. That means that it needs to be safe for it's use. The effect it has on the consumer is that if she put her baby in it, it may fall out and could die.

Next I will talk about another right that was broken. One of the other rights broken is this one: consumers have the right to expect that goods are fit for pourpose. That means that if I have a dryer I have the right to expect that it will dry my clothes and if I get a baby carrier it should safely hold my baby. This right was broken because if you put pressure on the bukle it could undo and your baby could fall out. The effect it has on the real business is they could lose money and customers.

Consumers are very upset because they can't address this next broken right: consumers have the right to redress the problem. That means to go and have the problem put right. The effect it has on the consumer is that she can't exchange it for a real one or get a refund because it's a fake company.

One of the other rights broken was consumers have the right not to be tricked or lied to. That is there so we don't get ripped off but everyone who bought the fake product has been lied to by the company.    The effect is that the consumer has lost $140.

Overall, the consumers have lost lots of money because the baby carrier is useless. It's unsafe because the buckle can easily come undone if you put pressure on it. Many of the Consumer Guarentees Act right were broken because of this being unsafe.

The SOLO level I think I achieved is Extended Abstract because I used topic specific words and hi-lighted them and seeked feedback on them.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

National Donut Day.

W.A.L.T: Find select and retrieve information.(skimming and scanning.)

We read an article about National Donut Day and we had to answer some questions.

How did NDD come out: In WW1 there were woman who toke care of the injured and sick men. The men were miserable and homesick so to cheer them up the woman made a tasty treat out of the only things they had. Flour,sugar and oil.

What does the author suggest if you don't like donuts: If you don't like them you can sell them to your           friends and family or to the local branch of the Salvation Army.

What are some other donut like treats mentioned in the article, what one sounds interesting: Oily Cakes, Lagaymats, Tuinsia's Yo-Yo's and Vadas. The Lagaymats sound interesting because the sound cool.

Next Step: Put the informations into my own words better.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

My Art.

WALT: Draw in perspective.

In perspective drawing I have learnt how to draw smaller when it gets closer to the vanishing point. I also you find the vanishing point at the horizon.

Three things about drawing in perspective are.

1 things need to be drawn smaller to show that they are getting further back.

2 the vanishing point is at the horizon.

3 on mountains the further down it gets the darker it gets.

Here is a picture of my art.

Next Step: make my fences stand up straight.