Friday, 17 May 2013


WALT:explain why ANZAC Day is a significant commemoration in New Zealand.

So What:
We did an ANZAC booklet and ANZAC reading activitys on the war. We had to pretend to be a soldier and this is my letter to a loved one.ENJOY!!!

Dear my beloved family I am safe here in Gallipoli.I have spent many days digging out trenches for my buddies and me to sleep in.It is very cold here my toes have nearly frozen off.I have been bathing with a few other menin the sea.Today one man got shot and killed while he was bathing.The water is very cold and I am felling very sick I think I have got a cold .But I am still safe.I am missing you lots.

Now What:
I need to think more about the war and do my own research at my house about WW1.

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