Friday, 11 April 2014

Making Choices Info Report.

WALT:use linking sentences to join our paragraphs. WALT: be specific. WALT:identify what goes in a good information report.

Decisions-we all have to make them but sometimes they aren't to easy. There are many influences that help us make our decisions such as family,friends,law,role models and media.

One of the influences are our friends. They influence me through peer pressure because they might ask you to go somewhere with them. You might have promised to go to your other friends house but the say "they wont care come on" but you don't want to. They are influencing you to go somewhere but can't so you need to make that decision whether to go with your friends or stick with your promise.

Promise; that is a good word to remember when you're family. Family has a big impact on your decisions. Such as when you need to go to a big family outing and then you want to go somewhere else but your family say no. What would you do?

What would you do if your teacher caught you doing something bad? The law is one of the biggest influences in your life. The law influences my by buying underaged stuff like smokes. For example, what if your friends told you to buy cigarettes or alcohol when you are under 18 or 21? what if you go in and they call your parents? It is also bad because you may get sick if you smoke. Did you make the right or wrong choice? Think about it.

Just remember every decision has at least one influence maybe even more like friends,family,law,role models and media. Which choice would you make, would it be the right one?

The End.

Next Step: try to get to level 5 in my writing.

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