Thursday, 22 May 2014

Going To Dream World.

WALT: elaborate our ideas.

" No, I don't want to" I said to my patient Grandma with a croak in my voice.

Wait a minute you don't think I am going to tell you what happened next. Let me take you back to early September 2012.

Good you're here let's begin then. I woke up to a call of "Room Service."

I was so drowsy that I couldn't even keep my eyes open for more then 20 seconds.

Finally, properly woken up I remember about the room service. Yay my Grandparents got me my absolute favourite breakfast ever, bacon and egg omelete, mmm bacon. I had just remembered that we were going to Dream World today, yay. I rushed outside then I forgot i had not done my hair so  I ran back inside to do it.

Later that day at Dream World, with my hair done.

"Wait!" I say to my Grandparents as we looked at the massive queue.

We enter at the back of the line but because ofhow far back I was I could see practically the whole theme park. It was awesome.

After being on many fun filled rides we were finally at the very last ride, the log ride. It looked like it was 1 million miles high.

"No i don't want to ." I say to my patient Grandma with a croak in my  voice.

I finally picked up the nerves to go on it. At first it was pretty nice then as the cart went up the hill I heard it click and clack and snap. My stomach turned and I thought I was going to die. Will it break?

"Ahhhh!" I screamed as the old wooden ride.

Suddenly, my feelings changed and I screamed with joy as we went down the ride that felt like it was going 1 million miles ph. We were soaked .

In the end I had an awesome day I hope Sea World will be this fun.

Next Step: Paragraphing my ideas.

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