Friday, 22 August 2014

Odd Things On BearBook

WALT: write a narrative.

BearBook,BearBook,BearBook that's all I hear. My heart pumps as fast as a Cheetah. I walk out the dark foggy shadows only to see my BearFF's Emma and Ella. "What's up"
Bring Bring "Oh no I need to go"

In seconds she was running down the road to her bamboo hut, to play chess with her grandparents.

At home after 7.14 games of chess she was sooooo BORED she stole her BearPad off the top of the fridge.

She rushed to her room and sat on her brother's BearBamboobunkbed. She went on Boogle and looked up 'BearBook'. She signed up on BearBook as Bamboo_Life_4_3ver. Meanwhile Joe the Koala aka Koala_Joe_Awesome_GumTreeLeaves had planned to play shuffle-leaves with his BearMum and BearDad.

He played for a while but then he went on BearBook. Soon enough Joe was talking to a panda win the username of Bamboo_Life_4_3ver. Amy was overjoyed that she found a different type of bear to talk to.

Amy went to the lounge and told her mum and dad, they told her to be careful on the Bearnet and talking to someone that you don't know. Amy took no notice of what her mum and dad were saying because she was so excited! She was frolicking back to her room to get back on the web.

Joe was talking to Amy saying he is 12 but he is 23. Amy was happy she found someone her age .

Later that Day Amy asked Joe if he wanted to play on the Bamboo Gym at school. Joe was hesitating and quickly change the subject.
"What are you having for tea" Joe said quickly.
"Bamboozled Bamboo" Amy said in a questioning tone."Any way back to the Bamboo Gym" Amy said.
"I can't, I asked my mum sorry"Joe sobbed.
"Oh ok" Amy said upset.

The next day she rushed home from school to get on BearBook. When she logged on she saw a lot of mean messages form Joe. She asked him what was wrong."You are stupid I hate you" Joe said angrily. Amy was very upset and decided to tell her mum and dad. " mum, dad"Amy said on the edge of crying.
" What's wrong" mum and dad say.
"I'm being bullied by Joe"
"Oh poor you we did warn you though"
"I know I wasn't listening i'm sorry"
"Oh it's ok, why don't we look at this 'Joe' then" " Oh sweetie I feel sorry for you. We will report him."
"Ok" Amy said snivelling.
"We will make your account private as well."
"All right" Amy said still snivelling." I won't talk to anyone but my friends now"

Amy ended up just talking to her friends and Joe got in trouble with his parents.

The SOLO level I have reached for surface features is extended abstract because I can use my
punctuation correctly and I know why I have it there also I can explain to the reader about why it's there

The SOLO level I have reached for my narrative is extended abstract because I have included a moral and not just written the moral down but explain it in detail. I can explain to the reader what the effect of the moral is.

My Next Step is to add some more detail into the body of my story and to make my introductions more interesting for the reader.

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