Friday, 26 September 2014


WALT:Read for meaning.

I have learnt how to argue for or against a tomato festival here it is:
I argue against the tomato festival because it's messy and it causes injuries. Also it wastes the food because people in country's like Africa, people are starving and they could have eaten the tomatoes.

I have also read an article about the trenches that the men dug in WW1 here is what I came up with for what they were used for before I read the article:
*Its a way to hide from the enemy.
*Its dark
*Its not that safe.
*Its dusty

This is what I learnt about the trenches:
*No mans land was a space in between enemy trenches.
*People would die from being shelled

This is my opinion of why they went underground:
They would have built underground to stay safe and bomb the enemy's trenches. They would have built underground to suprise the enemy when they come in by shooting them.

My Next Step is to add more detail into my answers.

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