Thursday, 3 September 2015

Writing Prove It Term 3

Is It Ever Ok To Lie?
Is it ever ok to lie?! Don't you remember when your parents told you that when you eat your crusts your hair goes curly, or that carrots help your eyesight. Well when I found out that it wasn't true I wanted to get my revenge! But I didn't want anyone to feel angry or upset. I don't want my parents to ground me, my friends to hate me or worse go to PRISON!!! I also don't want to be completely honest either; so that's why today I am going to tell you that it's NOT ok to lie!

My WALT: Ideas
The strategies I used were to use
~Rhetorical questions
~Bold ideas
~Tone, voice, register that reflects the purpose and audience.

My next step is to get a new writing goal.
This is my entry and exit ticket |

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