Monday, 23 March 2015

My Maths

                                       Square Roots

Today I am going to prove that I can do square roots. 

What is a square root? 

A square root is a number that if you say, what is the square root of 25? the answer will be 5 because 5x5=25. I will give another example. 
6x6=36, 8x8=64, 7x7=49. So if someone asks you what is the square root of 81 you can say 9 because 9x9=81.

What is squared or cubed?

Squared and cubed are kind of similar to square roots except if someone says what is 3 squared you can say 9 because squared means something times itself. Here are some examples.
4 squared=16, 5 squared=25 and 2 squared=4
Cubed is nearly the exact same but instead of multiplying the number by itself once you multiply it by itself twice here are some examples of this.
1 cubed=1, 4 cubed=64 and 3 cubed=27.

I hope you found this helpful. :)

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